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Who we are
    Viselbi is a company dedicated to the distribution of accessories and agricultural machinery, forestry, gardening and motorcycles and bicycles Viselbi seeks a competitive differentiation for the quality of its products and services, and the satisfaction of its customers through:
    From a young, experienced, professional and specialized team, to answer all the questions and needs of our clients.
    Compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
    Providing a range of products and services that match the needs of customers.
    Establishing a relationship of trust with customers, for the fulfillment of the commitments assumed.
    The maintenance of agreements and partnerships in the mutual search for the best technical, technological solutions and to follow the evolution of the market.
    Promoting the quality of methodologies and work processes and an environment that stimulates employees.
    Guarantee results that allow the internal development and stability of the company in the market.
    Of infrastructures adapted to the service of quality and proximity to the client.

Viselbi - Bicicletas de Viseu, Lda
Rua dos Casimiros 35/7 . Viseu
3510-061 - Viseu

Sale and repair of bicycles, engines, parts and maintenance
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Hedge Trimmer View
    Inserted in 26 julho 2019

    Inserted in 15 julho 2019

Flösser bulbs View
    Inserted in 11 julho 2019

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